Energize Talent as a Service

From start-ups to scale-ups to large enterprises, Energize ‘Talent as a Service’ (TaaS) helps clients achieve their headcount objectives in today’s challenging hiring market by embedding experienced talent partner(s) in your talent acquisition team. Energize TaaS is our bespoke resource solution that empowers businesses to energize their talent resource strategy.

Through a flexible partnership Energize TaaS can build, run and operate your talent acquisition function to precisely meet the unique staffing requirements in Digital & Technology. Energize TaaS provides two different solutions that will give you the flexibility to choose the best option for your business needs, integrating seamlessly into your existing talent acquisition structure and ensure you can supercharge growth aspirations by achieving your recruitment goals.

Features Include

  • Relocation Expertise

  • Job Advertising

  • Workforce Planning

  • LinkedIn Recruiter & RecTech Tools

  • Management of Inbound & Externally-Sourced Candidates

  • Candidate Attraction

  • ATS Consultation

  • Reporting & M.I

  • Employer Branding

  • Offer Management

  • Selection & Assessment

  • Advisory Partner with Hiring Managers

  • Access Global Talent

  • Manage End to End Process

  • Consult on DEI Strategy

  • On-Boarding

  • Recruitment Co-ordination

  • Direct Sourcing & Headhunting

  • Talent Acquisition

    Energize worked closely with us to better understand our structures, team and mentality. I liked the professionalism Energize has shown during the months working together. Step by step, they showed us profiles that always got closer to what we were looking for. I am happy that we found a recruiting partner who combines professionalism, quality of profiles, motivation and a ‘keep going’ mentality. I would always chose Energize thanks to the performance we experienced with them.

Embedded Solution

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Embedded delivers high-volume hiring projects within set timescales in the most demanding markets in Digital & Technology. Energize TaaS will deploy one or multiple experienced, specialist Talent Partners who will already have a detailed understanding of your project and take responsibility for achieving those objectives. As we ‘plug-in’ experienced Talent Partners into your team, you will immediately benefit from additional recruitment firepower and direct sourcing expertise. Embedded will address your most critical staffing needs and deliver within the agreed time-frame.

The benefits of the Embedded Service include;

  • Immediate Access

    Immediate access to Talent Partners to achieve your recruitment and business goals

  • Integrated

    Fully-integrated within your existing Talent Acquisition resource to give you support and extra bandwidth

  • Save Time, Reduce Costs

    Increasing volume and speed of delivery, reducing time to hire

  • Flexible and Tailored

    Scalable and flexible resource, to meet immediate and evolving demands

  • Subscription

    Subscription model enables total control and overall reduction of cost per hire

  • Experts

    Highly-experienced recruitment experts with a proven record of premium delivery

  • Talent Acquisition

    The team at Energize are friendly, professional and great at finding candidates that fit a brief. I find the quality of individuals they send through to be generally very high and enjoy working with everyone at Energize. The quality of the service is great. They adapt to the communication style that best fits the way I work, and are very quick to answer any of my questions. Filling roles in a challenging digital age is one of our business’ biggest struggles. We are finding the marketing more competitive than ever, so having a recruiter who is able to move fast is very beneficial to us. Energizer have the ability to keep our head above water when we have high levels of open roles open by moving fast on both permanent and freelance positions

RPO Service

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing ‘RPO’, is an end-to-end solution that involves the outsourcing of some or all of the components of the recruitment lifecycle. RPO can be delivered on-site, remotely, or a hybrid of both. Whether replacing or augmenting an existing talent acquisition team, our RPO solution introduces experienced, industry-leading experts directly into your business to make a transformative impact and scale up

The benefits of the RPO Service include;.

  • Process Ownership

    Our experienced talent partners take full ownership, managing the entire end to end hiring process.

  • Flexibility

    When a large hiring project requires immediate resource over a set period, our team will be on site, quickly to deliver on the key objectives.

  • Cost Savings

    Effective time management resulting in reduced costs

  • Guaranteed Results

    We take full responsibility and accountability of the key objectives agreed in partnership with you

  • Access to Talent

    Full access to our global network and database

  • Increased Efficiency

    Reducing time to hire, resulting in efficiencies across the hiring process

  • Talent Acquisition

    Energize really took the time to understand our business and our culture. It’s great to work with a talent partner who specializes in our tech stack. This has resulted in consistent high-quality profiles that match our requirements from both a technology and a cultural perspective. Since we have started working with them, they have been comfortably our best performing talent partner and we feel like they are a great support to our internal talent team. Energize has been supporting us to achieve our growth plans for our engineering teams. We are very happy with every engineer they have placed so far. We also really appreciate their open and honest communication style and provide great advice on the market.

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