Meet Stephen!

Energize is so excited to welcome Stephen Tong to our team!

With a BA in Business from the University of Oregon and a host of international volunteering experience, Stephen will undoubtedly become a vital asset to our customers in California – so here’s his mini interview: 

Hi Stephen! First question: what attracted you to join Energize?

“Hey! I was attracted by the culture and motivation towards growth and success.”

What was your first impression of Energize?

“A refreshing bit of the UK within a group of people who are passionate about what they do.”

What have you learnt so far in your journey at Energize?

“Beyond the history, goals, and strategy of Energize, I’m learning a lot about Big Data every day!”

What motivates you?

“Doing something and going beyond what I previously thought I could do. I’m always excited to stretch outside my comfort zone, learn, and be the best I can be.”

If you weren’t a Recruitment Consultant, what job would you be doing?

“Inside business development representative in Cyber Security, or private aircraft charter sales.”

Which famous person do you admire, and why?

“Bill Gates. He’s managed to position himself so tightly with his values and ethical viewpoints that his vast success is almost overshadowed by his passion to help people and improve upon the world we live in.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to Energize?

“If you’re driven to be successful and want to push yourself, give it a shot. It’s a company specifically designed to build upon the existing system through people so it’s the kind of place where you can really make an impact in a short time.”


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