Customer Service Report, 2016

Our mission is to provide every customer with the best-possible experience, whether they are a client or candidate.

“To become the market leader of service standards in the global IT & Digital recruitment industry,” we’re determined that your job search or hiring campaign meets all of your needs – but we rely on your reviews, the feedback of our customers, to help us achieve this.

Everyone at Energize is unwavering in their goal to increase customer satisfaction throughout 2017. Last year, over 600 clients and candidates generously gave their comments and analysis, and so we’ve shared our findings here.

Can You Really Measure Customer Satisfaction?

Yep. We calculate customer happiness with the famous Net Promoter® system. Already popular at Apple, Amazon, Walmart and other leading brands, Net Promoter® enables us to track the quality of our customer care and make great changes, as recommended by job-seekers and hiring managers!

Energize believes in complete transparency, so you can see all our Net Promoter® scores over the last 12 months here. You can even take our survey yourself!
Net Promoter scores go from -100 (bad) to 100 (perfect!). The score is dependent on the amount of responses between the three categories.

Survey respondents are categorised by their response to the question: ‘Would You Recommend Energize?’

  •  – If you score Energize 0-6; you would never recommend us. This means we’ll be investigating what went wrong
    – If you score 7 or 8; you had a good experience, but not great. Maybe you’ll recommend us, maybe not
    – If you score Energize 9 or 10; you’re a brand loyalists and potential evangelist, likely to share your great experience with friends and colleagues

Check out our graphic below to see the Net Promoter® score provided by 528 candidates and 83 clients in 2016!

NPS candidates

Statement from our Managing Director, Gavin Jones:

“I’d like to thank all our customers for providing us with their crucial feedback. I believe wholeheartedly that providing a great experience to clients and candidates is fundamental to success in modern staffing solutions. Our industry, like any sector, needs to be accountable to its stakeholders. There has been too little regulation or measurement around this issue in our industry and if we are ever to be truly considered as a ‘professional services’ sector then being accountable to our customers is vital.

“Having implemented the Net Promoter Score system throughout our business we can track the quality of customer service our consultants are delivering, identify long-term trends, and make incremental changes that can really affect our customers.

“In the age of candidate-driven jobs markets, the insights provided by our customers is proving invaluable to our business. We want to return the favour to you by publishing the results of this feedback, so clients and candidates in need of modern, professional recruitment can make an informed choice about their next staffing solutions partner.”