Energize Group is a worldwide provider
of Digital and Technology staffing solutions

The Energize Story

The Energize Group is parent company to four award-winning, customer-centric brands providing highly-specialised Digital and Technology staffing solutions.

The four international businesses – SAP, Digital, Tech and Data – offer niche, premium staffing solutions on both a permanent and freelance basis to customers in the  United States of America and Europe.

The subsidiary companies of The Energize Group are bound together by the following shared principles and objectives:
Our Vision is for a Group that facilitates explosive brand growth, employing 250 specialist consultants by 2024;
Our Purpose is for our global brands to offer world-class customer service, with employee development at the heart of everything we do.

The Energize Group has championed Net Promoter Score® in the staffing sector, resulting in numerous industry awards and accolades

Every day, our customers provide insights into their experience with Energize. We then analyse these reviews and implement specific changes to our service to drive improvements.

See how we measure success:

See our latest Net Promoter Score®

Leadership Team

As a co-founder of Energize, Gavin has spent the last decade building the permanent recruitment teams across international territories and now leads our expansion in North America. He also has board level responsibility for Learning and Development, Internal Recruitment, Marketing and Strategy

Gavin Jones

President, Americas
Co-Founder of Energize; Craig has spent a number of years managing IT and Digital staffing solutions in the UK and Europe. He is also responsible for the inception and growth of the company’s contract offering in the UK & Europe to offer full recruitment solutions to our customer base. Board level responsibilities now include Strategy, Customer Experience & Finance.

Craig Molloy

Director, UK & Europe
Melica has been specializing in US recruitment for the last 3 years and has successfully developed partnerships with global ad-tech and martech businesses. Melica now works to support media agencies, direct brands and vendors on growing their analytics and data function. In addition she assists businesses on finding leaders across various commercial disciples to join their organization.

Melica Moshiri

Principal Consultant
With a BA in Business Economics from University of California, Irvine, Ivan is an experienced headhunter and specializes in Senior Appointments, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

Ivan Woo

Senior Consultant
Lois is dedicated solely to sourcing, interviewing and hiring talented individuals to strengthen our business in Los Angeles. You can find her latest opportunities across our social pages via the hashtag #EnergizeYourCareer

Lois Gooding

Talent Acquisition Manager
Kristy has earned a BA in Business Administration from Northwest Missouri State University, as as a headhunter, specializes in Senior Appointments, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

Kristy Briggs

Recruiting Manager

Industry Awards


  • ‘Best Candidate Experience’
    Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards
  • ‘Recruiter of the Year’ & ‘Permanent Consultant of the Year’
    REC IRP Awards
  • ‘Recruitment Consultant of the Year’
    Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards
  • ‘Recruitment Agency of the Year’ & ‘Best Candidate Experience’
    Recruitment Business Awards
  • ‘Best Company to Work For’
    REC IRP Awards
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  • award
  • award
  • award
  • award


  • ‘Customer Feedback Strategy Award’
    UK Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • ‘Best Company to Work For’
    IRP Awards
  • ‘Best In-House Training’
    Global Recruiter Awards
  • ‘Best Client Service’
    Recruiter Awards
  • ‘Best Candidate Care’
    Recruiter Awards
  • award
  • award